Sivu Siwisa

Sivu Siwisa is a Black Queer Non-Conforming Feminist and LGBTIAPQ+ activist with a huge appetite for movement building and organising. They are deeply and unapologetically committed to using feminist frameworks to create spaces of survival, reflecting and healing for Black queer, trans, GNC persons in South Africa.

Sivu is also one of the founding members of the Alternative Inclusive Pride Network, a broad-based and inclusive initiative creating accessible and inclusive LGBTIAPQ+ Pride spaces around the Western Cape. They have also worked with Freegender Khayelitsha and Khumbulani Pride as a community mobiliser, using online and offline tools to draw attention to plight of LGBTIAPQ+ persons living in townships and rural areas. Their passion for disrupting oppressive systems landed them the Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans 2014 nod, as well as an invitation to become a candidate for the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) & US State IVLP Programme for LGBTIAPQ+ activists and leaders.

Furthermore, Sivu is the founder and co-organiser of #ForBlackGirlsOnly; a national feminist movement creating spaces where all Black women’s experiences, desires and dreams are affirmed and where they can collectively share methods and strategies for survival and thriving.

They have extensive experience in communications, including advertising & marketing. Sivu studied Communications  specialising in Copywriting at the AAA School of Advertising. They also hold certificates in Digital Marketing, PR and Sales. Sivu has worked for South Africa’s leading independent advertising agencies as a copywriter and digital content producer. They are passionate about using communications and digital media to organise and advance social and political causes, especially for Black marginalised communities. 

Sivu joins Gender Dynamix as a Media and Communications Officer, responsible for tweeting, selfies and other important work.