Azania Maseko

Azania Maseko is a dynamic young woman from Midrand in the Gauteng province. Born in Soweto, she spent most of her childhood travelling to various African States with her grandfather who was an active member of the ANC. She did not have your average upbringing; she came from a background riddled with abuse and constant torment, made worse by the fact that she was different. She used the negativity surrounding her childhood as a catalyst for success , becoming a first class academic completing her matric with academic honors, being the youngest student at her high school to be elected to president of the SRC for a consecutive two years, this despite being in a predominantly black school and being openly transgender. Known for her kindness, empathy and warmth; she is renowned for her fearlessness when talking about things that affect her and the causes she believes in. She tackles issues head on and is not afraid to draw from her own experiences to educate and change people’s attitudes.