For Researchers: Guidelines

As part of data collecting and creating trans visibility, Gender DynamiX welcomes collaborations and want to work with researchers and students. One of the most important ways of getting stories and experiences told is through interviews and articles made available to other people. This also helps trans people who still need the courage to “come out” to their families, to friends and spouses and often to give themselves the opportunity to identify with the real life experiences of those who are brave enough to share theirs.

Often these stories and experiences also help in activism, lobbying and ground- breaking changes. Not every person is cut out for activism, but by means of sharing stories, those who are taking the issues forward are geared with information.

By supporting students and researchers such bridging work gets done. Gender DynamiX facilitates research work, putting the researcher in contact with people who have stories to tell and experiences to share. After an initial request, which can be submitted to az.gro.ximanydrednegnull@ofni , in which the research purpose, general information about the person requesting to do the research and motivations for this research has been received, the researcher will be contacted. We would also need to establish the length of time and whether the research will be done on line, via skype or telephonically or whether the person will spend some time in South Africa (if not originally from here).

One very definite condition Gender DynamiX would insist on is permission to submit the article, paper, thesis or work on the website, although the copyright of the work stays that of the researcher. (If publication is planned, and the work is not to be made available on the website this should be indicated in the initial request)