Gender DynamiX Board Communication – The new Executive Director

It gives Gender DynamiX great pleasure to announce Liberty Glenton Matthyse, a vibrant, young, respected, qualified and experienced trans non-binary activist as the new Executive Director of Gender DynamiX. Through visionary leadership Gender DynamiX continue to break barriers and overcome the structural and systemic issues facing trans and gender diverse persons through its high level regional advocacy and interventions within health, law and education, amongst others. Gender DynamiX remains persistent and consistent in achieving its vision of a Southern African region in which all trans and gender diverse persons, binary and non-binary alike, are able to live with full dignity, autonomy and agency.

After a very rigorous process of finding a suitable candidate to fill this position, Liberty/Glenton proved to be the best fit based on her/his/their embodiment and understanding of the politic of the organisation, qualification, experience and characteristics.


Born to a poor working-class single mother and brought up in the dusty rural roads of Darling, Liberty/Glenton fought against social, economic and political marginalisation to obtain her/his/their Master’s Degree in Law (cum laude) focusing on transgender human rights pertaining marriage law and is currently pursuing a cross-discipline PhD in community health sciences and law focused on the needs of trans and gender diverse persons. She/he/they previously worked as the National Advocacy Officer for Gender DynamiX.


Liberty/Glenton has a history in programmes at the University of the Western Cape where she/he/they ensured the implementation of projects across six student programmes focusing on LGBTI human rights, food security, critical writing and publishing, women’s rights, children’s rights as well as the rights of persons with disabilities (differently-abled persons). She/he/they have a history in student activism fighting for the rights of trans and gender diverse persons. As someone that supports and embodies post-structural and post-modern feminism Liberty/Glenton also has an in-depth understanding of the theory of intersectionality in practice.


Liberty/Glenton’s experience as a critical leader in human rights and social justice activism, community work, member of the African Key Populations Expert Group, experience in security and health, position on diverse human rights and social justice focused committees and task teams, background in law, their history in higher education as well as work in basic education systems will serve the organisation well in understanding and addressing the diverse lived realities of trans and gender diverse persons. With a number of academic and popular media publications as well as authoring of a self-published book ‘A Darling’s Journey to Liberty: A compilation of experiences of a young gender non-conforming (fluid) person’ she/he/they have showcased their intellectual astuteness.


As a young trans and gender diverse leader, Liberty/Glenton joins a dynamic team of experienced activists with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With commitment, passion and drive Liberty/Glenton promises to take Gender DynamiX to new heights in the tenure to come. She/he/they bring with them extensive networks across multiple disciplines and sectors. Embodying the necessary respect for accountability and transparency, integrity, human dignity, a strong belief in the visibilisation, development and nurturing of trans-talent and trans-led spaces Liberty/Glenton promises to lead Gender DynamiX effectively and efficiently towards contributing to the regional trans-discourse for purposes of securing change for a better world for trans and gender diverse persons in Southern Africa.


The Board of Gender DynamiX is looking forward to working with Liberty/Glenton. Her/his/their wisdom and maturity stood out during the interviews. She/he/them is driven and enthusiastic and we have all the confidence that she/he/they will lead Gender DynamiX to have even a greater impact in the world, seeking justice and equality for trans and gender diverse people. We are excited and we wish her/him/them well.



Chris/tine McLachlan

Board Chairperson

Notice of Gender Dynamix Annual General Meeting to be held on 4 November 2017

The 2017 Annual General Meeting of Gender Dynamix will held on Saturday 4 November at 13H00, at
Ascot Inn 210 Woodhouse Road, Willowton, Pietermaritzburg, 3201.
For any enquires please contact, az.gro.ximanydrednegnull@nimda or GDX Office: 021447 4797

[VACANCY] National Advocacy Officer wanted.



Gender DynamiX is a Human Rights organisation promoting freedom of expression of gender identity, focusing on transgender, transsexual and gender non-confirming identities. Founded in July 2005, Gender DynamiX is the first organisation within Africa which specifically advocates for transgender individuals. Gender DynamiX provides resources to the transgender community and information about transgender, transsexual and gender non-confirming identities and seeks to promote awareness and acceptance within mainstream society by means of educating and empowering people from diverse communities, including: Government Departments, service providers, medical professionals, journalists and universities. Gender DynamiX also reaches out to parents, children, co-workers and people who journey alongside trans diverse people. ( ).

Gender DynamiX seeks to appoint a National Advocacy Officer based in our offices in Cape Town. The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, energetic and highly organised. This is a full time position. The incumbent will be responsible for awareness raising of the rights of trans and gender non-conforming people. This work involves creating visibility of transgender struggles and form networks and partnerships with mainstream civil society organisations. The incumbent will be based at our offices but will be required to travel within the country and abroad when required.


  • Leads the design process for national advocacy projects
  • Working closely with the whole projects team
  • Networking the organisation with stakeholders
  • Input on the development of health and educational initiatives affecting or relating to trans persons
  • Working closely with media on trans related concepts and issues, while representing the organisation on various media spaces
  • Works closely with the media team to enhance the organisation’s media advocacy and outreach
  • Engaging with legislative and policy processes affecting and relating to trans persons
  • Work with the GDX team on putting together publications, meetings and conference presentations
  • Workshop facilitation and support
  • Raising awareness and visibility of transgender issues and persons in South Africa
  • Supporting research and advocacy initiatives of partners and various stakeholders to enhance the trans representation on such initiatives
  • Representing the organisation on various national coalitions and consortiums e.g National Task Force and Working Group on LGBTI & hate crimes, Task Team of the Western Cape Commission on Gender Equality
  • Conceptualising new projects in line with the organisational strategic plan
  • Input on resources mobilisation for our advocacy project
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on projects
  • Facilitates engagement with national trans movement building initiatives
  • Engaging with the regional advocacy team to create synergy between the organisation’s national and regional work

Formal Requirements

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management, Strategic Management, Law, Public Health, Social Sciences, or any other relevant discipline.
  • Advanced management skills to plan, manage and coordinate projects, partners, people, and budgets
  • Report writing skills
  • Excellent organisation, writing, analytical and administrative skills
  • Confidence in using information and communication technology
  • Experience and deep understanding of Human Rights and development sector work
  • Experience in working with trans, gender and body diverse persons and communities highly desirable
  • Understanding and/or engagement with policy and legal advocacy and reform
  • Knowledge of  working with or using regional and international human rights mechanisms
  • Understanding of the national and regional trans movement and movement building initiatives

Personal attributes and knowledge

  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling the Gender DynamiX values.
  • Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of Gender DynamiX.
  • Knowledge and understanding of issues of human rights, social justice, with a passion for community development, understanding and concern for issues affecting Key Populations and the greater trans and gender diverse community.
  • Interest or passion for concepts of gender, sex, gender identity and diversity as well as body and sexual diversity.
  • Displays strong cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
  • Experience of managing and delivering training and capacity building of staff of differing skills and abilities.
  • Highly organised, efficient and methodical.
  • Ability to work alone, take initiative, and manage diverse teams with a transparent, accountable and consultative style.
  • Ability to effectively work in a team and groups of gender and sexually diverse identities and expressions.
  • Ability to work with people from various countries with varying languages, cultures and identities
  • Proficient in writing and speaking English
  • Prepared and able to travel.
  • Ability to plan, prioritise and deliver tasks on time.


Submit a CV (max 3 pages), a motivation letter with at least 3 contactable references to: az.gro.ximanydrednegnull@tnemtiurcer by close of business (5pm) Monday 27th June.

Salary is in accordance with qualification and experience.

Gender DynamiX is an equal opportunity employer committed to employ within future Employment Equity obligation and reserves the right not to employ.

For more about Gender DynamiX refer to .

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

PRESS STATEMENT: Gender DynamiX welcomes new staff & celebrates office expansion.

Gender Dynamix is pleased to welcome a new team of dynamic and proactive staff members. The new “Dynamizers” form part of the Key Population Representation, Evidence, Advocacy for Change in Health (KP REACH) Programme, as well as Projects with the portfolios of Regional Advocacy Coordinator, Media & Communications, and Community Mobilisation also joining the team.

The expansion of the Gender DynamiX team comes after we, as an organization, underwent an extensive process of redefining our goals and objectives while taking into account the role of the organization as a key player in regional Trans and Gender Non-conforming spaces. 

Tshepo Kgositau, Gender Dynamix Executive Director said “Gender DynamiX is entering into a new era making up its 2nd decade, there is need for transformation to reposition the organisation within the movement, the sector and the region…this new team comes at a time when the organisation is gearing towards its own transformation, I strongly believe this team will leave yet another monumental legacy to be reckoned with.”

Adding to the growth, Gender DynamiX celebrates moving to new offices in Observatory. The move to a bigger and more accessible space is part of the organisation’s commitment to widen its scope of work and broaden its programmatic vision by growing its staff. The new space holds a lot of promise, one of which is to reenergize the old staff members while inspiring the new ones coming in to build a dynamic and dynamite team.

K-P Reach Programme Coordinator, Immaculate Mugo said “the new space is representative of the new team and the  new journey that GDX and the team within the organisation is embarking on, where the sky is the limit as to what we can and will achieve. The road ahead is bright and although there will be challenges, times that we might disagree but the successes and the work that is forth coming, makes me look forward to where we are heading to as a team and organisation”

The official opening of the new Gender DynamiX offices takes place on Friday, 3rd June 2016, with guests including: friends, partner organisations, and valued funders. 

The opening of this new space is a unique chance for partners, friends, allies and employees to come together, network and celebrate the growth of Gender DynamiX. 

In solidarity.

Issued Friday, 3rd June
Media & Communications Officer
Sivu Siwisa

021 477 4797






Gender DynamiX welcomes Estian Smit our new Advocacy Coordinator

Gender DynamiX welcomes Estian Smit our new Advocacy Coordinator. Estian has been a friend of the organization for a long time. They are very passionate about the struggles of transgender and intersex people. Over the years they have built extensive and strategic networks within academia and in the social justice movement. They also have a firm grasp of how we are impacted by multiple oppressions. As an individual activist, they have stood a couple of times before parliament advocating for the implementation of Alteration of Sex Description and Sex Status Act No. 49 of 2003. To learn more about them and their work please visit: //

Trans* Involvement at the 2015 International Conference on AIDS & STIs in Africa

The HIV discourse has for the longest time failed to speak to the issues of sexuality, sexual health and reproductive health concerning the trans diverse community in relation to HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care. Given this, the trans* community has forever been missed by HIV programming and messaging.

It is for this reason that Gender DynamiX took initiative to be a part of this year’s just closed ICASA Conference (International Conference on AIDS & STIs in Africa) which took place from November 30th to December 4th 2015 to bring trans* issues to the fore in such great spaces. The main ICASA conference was preceded by the Key Populations Pre-Conference (KP Pre-con), for which Gender DynamiX was a key member of the planning and coordinating committee.

The KP Pre-con was designed as a space to facilitate conversation between various key population groups such as the MSM (men who have sex with men), WSW (women who have sex with other women), people living with HIV, people who use and inject drugs, sex workers, various key populations youth and the trans diverse community of cause. The pre-con gave all the above groups of people the opportunity to discuss the shortcomings of HIV programming and interventions in specific reference to each of these groups. There were challenges of cause relating to the entry of delegates into Zimbabwe which was the host. Various activists and delegates were detained upon arrival at the Harare airport; some of them being trans*. Conference material were confiscated by officials and some of it had to be paid tax and levies for even though it was not commercial goods or material. This created an uncomfortable atmosphere at the onset of conference which activists worked hard to redress; using embassies and other foreign missions in the country as mediators to have some of the activists, delegates and their material entry into the country. The Pre-con ended with a strong message of solidarity from all present key populations going towards African governments, heads of states, political leaders, policy makers and decision makers influencing the HIV response at national and regional level [message attached separately].

The main ICASA conference opened officially on November 29th and what came out strongly was a clearly denialism about the role that various key populations play in the HIV response on the continent as the populations and communities left behind. Many of the 9 key speakers kept eluding to the need to find new entry points into reducing and curtailing the incidence and prevalence of HIV to ultimately “End AIDS by 2030” which on its own is a highly ambitious endeavor; particularly if a conference of such a magnitude on the continent can still open with only one speaker speaking directly to the importance of bringing in the communities that have been left out already.

Of particular worrying nature is the detriment of the adoption of the phrase and title “key populations” which continues to invisibilise many identities and communities, not to mention how such language is not necessarily affirming given that we come from a recent past where these groups used to be called MARPS (Most At Risk Populations) which is entirely stigmatizing. Adding to that is the worry of how this language further invisibilises the trans diverse community which is already invisibilised within the mainstream LGBTI, gender and feminist discourse. So for that, there is a great worry on how the title “key populations” will create room for trans* specific HIV programming to take flight as this big community of key populations will operate on a generic blanket approach to programming and interventions which might and most likely will fail to reach the specific needs of the trans* community.

During ICASA still, Gender DynamiX was a part of the soft launch and grant signing ceremony for the Global Fund regional program called KP-REACH which takes off in January 2016 till December 2018. KP-REACH is a programme designed to strengthen 4 key populations networks; primarily being CAL (the Coalition of African Lesbians), AMSHeR (African Men for Sexual Health Rights), ASWA (African Sex Workers’ Alliance) and SATF (Southern Africa Trans* Forum) represented by Gender DynamiX. This program aims to build evidence on the 4 key populations through their networks and enhancing the capacity of the member organizations to carry out this work by having their networks directly lead and coordinate the interventions and activities that will make up the 3 years. This program gives the trans diverse community opportunity to build and strengthen its regional entity being SATF. The future promises to be one where the trans community will begin being more visible in the HIV discourse in the continent and beyond. The hope is that as well at the next main ICASA conference in 2017 there will be more trans visibility in the main conference programme as opposed to this year, and KP-REACH comes in at the right time where evidence generation and gathering on trans diverse communities is a topical issue.

Written by: Tshepo Ricki Kgositau

Opening for Executive Director position

Organisation: Gender DynamiX
Position: Executive Director
Closing Date: 31 December 2015
Location: Cape Town
Sector: Non-profit Organisation
Employment type: 3 year (Fixed Term)

Background of the Organisation

Gender DynamiX (GDX) is a Human Rights organisation focusing our advocacy on transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming people’s rights and access to services. Gender DynamiX provides information about transgender, transsexual and gender non-confirming identities and seeks to promote awareness and acceptance by means of educating and empowering people from diverse communities, including: government departments, service providers such as medical professionals, teachers, employers, police, journalists and universities. Gender DynamiX also reach out to parents, children, co-workers and people who journey alongside trans* people.

With the change in leadership there is a window of opportunity for this vibrant organisation to effect changes that will lead to a new era in trans* activism in South Africa. We are looking for a candidate that is prepared to lead, as well as fight from the trenches. Advocacy is our focus to ensure that transgender people are given a platform to highlight their concerns.

The position

The successful candidate will be need to effectively liaise effectively with our funding partners, coordinate with stakeholders to develop good relations and a renewed sense of community, focus GDX work on national and regional trans* advocacy, liaise with Management Committee, oversee projects and write grant proposals and reports in an organisation that works on a system of collective responsibility.


  • Knowledge of relevant legislation,

  • Knowledge of trans* related issues, gender identity, etc.,

  • Ability to perform effectively under pressure and ensure that deadlines are met,

  • Ability to envision the new path GDX operationally and strategically,

  • Ability to provide guidance and work well with a dynamic team,

  • Be hands-on & able to (think on your feet),

Key job outputs and standards

1. Soliciting funding dynamics

  • writing/overseeing the writing for grant applications

  • oversight of grant process—scheduling, reporting, financial management and

  • Writing interim and final reporting to funders.

2. Strategic Management

  • Ability to survey current trends in Africa and abroad for ideas on how to advance human rights for trans* and non-gender conforming persons

  • Understanding of how current legislation progresses in other areas of human rights and constituent input intersect to create new opportunities for GDX to serve constituents

  • Knowledge of how to strategically enter into mutually beneficial agreements with agencies to increase organisational capacity

3. Human Resources

  • Knowledge/Experience with employee evaluation, hiring and termination

  • Sourcing opportunities for staff development

4. Financial Management

  • Aptitude for reading and understanding financial reports

  • Able to compile and complete an financial report

  • Experience in preparing writing budgets

  • Familiarity with requirements for audits

  • Experience/knowledge with buy-supplier negotiation

5. Advocacy

  • Representation of the (South) African perspective at regional and international conferences to funders, other advocates and government

  • Maintaining current knowledge of legislation and court cases to ensure that advocacy is being done within the organisation to address identified gaps

6. Networking

  • Capacity to assess the value of potential relationships between GDX and other organisations in increasing our mission and capacity to grow and pursue them

  • Ability to understand the impact of leveraging relationships to expand capacity or access

  • Talent for negotiating the pitfalls of when to accept or decline invitations to be part of different movements or actions to advantage GDX

7. Liaising and working with the Management Committee (MC)

  • Attending quarterly meetings to report current actions by GDX

  • Carrying concerns of staff to Management Committee regarding pressing issues that may threaten organisational stability or success

  • Financial co-management of funds and supervision of finance staff in office

  • Acting as a non-voting member and bring balance to perspective of what seems possible to the MC and actual capacity for staff.

Desired Work Experience

  • 5 to 10 years’ applicable experience in operating within a corporate and or NGO environment

  • Minimum 3 years staff supervision

  • Relevant degree in a relevant field will be an advantage. However we will consider field and work experience both from the NGO sector or private sector on merit

Who should apply?

We encourage all transgender, transsexual and gender non-conforming applicants as well as any persons who have a firm understanding of the LGBTI sector.

To apply please send the following to az.gro.ximanydrednegnull@tnemtiurcer

1. Curriculum Vitae

2. A motivational letter indicating your understanding, passion and ideas of how you plan to take Gender DynamiX to a new era.

3. Two contactable references.

At this stage NO copies of ID or qualifications required

If you have not heard from us within 30 days of the closing date please consider your application unsuccessful. Only short listed candidates will be contacted. We recruit nationally.

Gender DynamiX reserve the right not to fill this position.

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2014 Trans* Health, Advocacy and Research Conference

The 2nd Trans* Health, Advocacy and Research conference, themed “Rooted in the past, reaching for the future” took place 31 May – 2 June 2014. The report provides an overview of the conference, organised in thematic categories. The report embarks on a section bringing the 2011 conference recommendation in context to the 2014 conference by reflecting on accomplishments in that period, and simultaneously points to gaps, still needed to be bridged. Available for download in PDF:

2011 TransHealth Conference Report (PDF)

​Cape Town Declaration

​Gender Incongruence in Childhood

28 July 2014

​The Declaration addresses WHO ICD-11 proposals for a pathologising diagnosis for gender diversity in childhood, and calls upon WHO to discard the current Gender Identity Disorder of Childhood diagnosis and refrain from replacing it with any new pathologising diagnosis, including the proposed Gender Incongruence of Childhood (GIC) diagnosis. The Cape Town Declaration, developed during and in the period immediately after the recent Trans* Health, Advocacy & Research Conference (30 May – 2 June 2014, Cape Town, South Africa).

Download the document here: Cape Town Declaration, 28 July 2014

New Executive Director announced

Gender DynamiX is excited to announce the appointment of Sibusiso Kheswa as the new Executive Director. Sibusiso has been working for Gender DynamiX for the past two years as the Advocacy Coordinator. Sibusiso’s vision for the future of the organization is built from his in-depth knowledge of Gender DynamiX past and present. Part of the interview process involved a power point presentation to the GDX team on a visualised future for GDX. S’bu’s presentation focused on developing new social justice partnerships and working to strengthen connections within the community with the goal of making transgender, transsexual and gender nonconforming realities a part of the greater conversation about human rights. His dedication to and history with Gender DynamiX, along with his vision for the future, made him the ideal candidate with which to transition into this new period of leadership.

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