Gender DynamiX is a Human Rights organisation promoting freedom of expression of gender identity, focusing on transgender, transsexual and gender non-confirming identities. Founded in July 2005, Gender DynamiX is the first organisation within Africa which specifically advocates for transgender individuals. Gender DynamiX provides resources to the trans diverse community and information about trans diverse and gender non-confirming identities and seeks to promote awareness and acceptance within mainstream society by means of educating and empowering people from diverse communities, including: Government Departments, service providers, medical professionals, journalists and universities. Gender DynamiX also reaches out to parents, children, co-workers and people who journey alongside trans diverse people. ( ).

Gender DynamiX seeks to appoint a new member into its Governing Board. The Governing Board provides high-level leadership for the organization, including working closely with the organization’s staff leadership to set long-term organizational goals, provide financial oversight, and ensure adequate resources to achieve Gender DynamiX’s goals and objectives.

The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, energetic and highly organised. This is a voluntary role in the organization and is not remunerated. It is highly expected that the candidate be trans identified or from the trans diverse community.


• Promote and Advance the vision, mission and values of Gender DynamiX.
• Act as an ambassador of Gender DynamiX in various platforms and spaces, connecting the organization to other movements, sectors and fields.
• Provide strategic oversight and guidance to the leadership of the organization and not day-to-day management.
• Respond timeously to board inquiries, needs and communication.
• Attend 80% of board meetings in the year and ensuring that they acquaint themselves with all relevant material and documents to be discussed in meetings. The governing board of Gender DynamiX currently meet four (4) times in a year with possibility of ad-hoc meetings (both virtual and physical) in between the above stipulated four.
• Take notes and minutes in meetings, synthesise them and share with the board in a timely fashion.

Commitments -The board member will be expected to:

• Promote the vision, mission, and strategic goals of Gender DynamiX.
• Express knowledge and understanding of issues of human rights, social justice, with a passion for community development, understanding and concern for issues affecting Key Populations and the greater trans and gender diverse community.
• Show interest or passion for concepts of gender, sex, gender identity and diversity as well as bodily diversity.
• Display strong cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.
• Highly organised, efficient and methodical.
• Need to effectively work in a team and groups of gender and sexually diverse identities and expressions.
• Need to be prepared and able to travel for various board meetings in the year
• Ability to plan, prioritise and deliver tasks on time, particularly in sharing notes and minutes from all meetings of the board
• Maintain the highest level of confidentiality in the interests of the organisation

Skills and Qualifications: 

Gender DynamiX’s governing Board consists of various trans rights activists and champions who dedicate and volunteer their time to advance the work of Gender DynamiX through ensuring good governance for the organization to fulfill its mandate. All the members of the governing Board put ahead of their own individuality the best interests of the organization. Personal attributes of the best suited board members include and are not limited to the following:

• In-depth knowledge and understanding of the trans and gender non-binary community and its needs
• Leadership
• Ability to prioritize Gender DynamiX and board service
• Ability to follow through with commitments
• Passion for the work of Gender DynamiX
• Comfort in working in group settings with people of varying bodily constructs and abilities, and varied gender identities and expressions
• Note taking and minutes taking
• Basic computer and Microsoft literacy will be an added advantage

Board members will benefit from various board training opportunities. To apply, submit a CV (max 3 pages), a motivation letter with at least 2 contactable references to: az.gro.ximanydrednegnull@nosrepriahc by close of business (5pm) Monday 14th November.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted