KwaZulu Natal Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Needs Assessment Report 2012

​The purpose of the Gender DynamiX Needs Assessment was to gather qualitative and quantitative data on the much needed information about access to health (Including an element of HIV and services for transgender and gender non-conforming people who live, study, work and ‘play’ in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) (Definitely in Umlazi and Pietermaritzburg). Data on the barriers to access, attitude, knowledge, social, and sexual health of the community were measured through a mix of both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. In October 2012, 33 transgender and gender-non conforming men and women completed a brief interviewer-administered demographic, sexual risk, service provider and HIV survey.

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“We Fight More Than We Sleep”: Shelter Access by Transgender Individuals in Cape Town, South Africa

Recent study on shelter access by transgender individuals in Cape Town, South Africa was carried out for Gender DynamiX by Andrei Ouspenski, Master of Social Work candidate from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Data was generated from a literature review, document analysis, focus group and one on one interviews. Recommendations for future legislature writing, policy making and shelter management were provided.

This research study was made possible due to the commitment of all those who shared their time and experience, most importantly members of the transgender community of Cape Town. The report was edited and reviewed by academics, activists and advocates. It was launched on July 23rd in Cape Town.

GDX Shelter Report

Awareness and Perceptions of Health Service Providers Regarding the Transgender Population in South Africa

​Limited research has been conducted using information obtained from health service providers. The goal of this research study is to gain an understanding of the experiences of health services providers in regards to this population. Specifically, the main aims of this study are to identify and gain insight into awareness and perceptions of health service providers regarding the transgender population in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape in South Africa. Gaining insight into the amount of knowledge and the perceptions of health service providers will increase the limited current body of knowledge on the subject as well as provide the foundation to guide future programming at transgender organizations in these regions. Research and written analysis for this report was completed by Natasha Graves, a Masters in Public Health candidate at the University of California Los Angeles in the United States with degree completion in June 2014. She traveled to South Africa in 2013 to work with Gender DynamiX and S.H.E. for three months on issues relating to transgender health.

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Transgender access to sexual health services in South Africa

This study is the first research report in South Africa to address the sexual health and practices of transgender people. Once understood, these factors can be used to inform the development of new interventions or the adaption of existing evidence- based interventions to meet the unique HIV prevention needs of transgender populations. This report will interest medical and HIV Service Providers, Academics, LGBTI Organisations. Available for download in PDF.

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GDX Advocacy Analysis

This is a research paper examining Gender DynamiX’s strategies and tactics with an ultimate assessment of its successes and failures and related recommendations. It is written by Meghan Davidson Ladly, a student in Toronto, Canada, and will interest academics and those interested in Transgender Studies in South Africa. Available for download in PDF

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